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VladOh my god! It still exists!!! +1
TheArtistOne last shoutout for the road. OH HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! Laugh
AlphawolfSpammers unite! +3
MelancholiaOfDawnAs I cant remember my password, maybe the time has come to say goodbye. Luv u Forumis!
BeldrionJon Snow lives. +1
seagullgawk gawk.
hiddenDoublepack edition.
hidden2015's first spam. Oh my.
hidden2015's first spam. Oh my.
VladWhat the hell? The spambox has gotten authentic spam!!!
WfS-_- Goo goo gaa gaa...
WfSGoo goo gaa gaa... +1
Beldrion sleeps
fairy hoots +2
Oliver SchlöbeSurprise! +2
BeldrionShow me spam! Show me spam! Show me spam! +2
VladI need some spam, cos it's spamalicious! +2
BeldrionSpam for your life! +2
hiddenI remember you SPAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!! +2
BeldrionHappy New Year! +3
VladHey babe, take a walk on the wild side
VladLaugh Laugh
MarvinHeh, speak for yourself on the topic of having had to _grow_ crazy +1
egweggwegwe +2
asfdafds +1
fsdafsd +1
fsdfsdsafd +1
VladOr old and crazy? Or both?
MarvinMaybe we've grown old and lazy?
VladWhy don't we spam more often?
MarvinGenuine spam doesn't work here. That's rich.
ohwpndaERrkLh <a href="">xomafrgsckmb</a>, [url=
MarvinCh...who? +1
BeldrionChloe? +1
HanswurschtLibera me, Domine, de morte aeterna! +1
MarvinNope, everyone's dead. Please leave a requiem after the tone.
HanswurschtIs anybody out there?
VladYou know it's been too long when you have to type your name Neutral +2
Best Telugu Love kjbgkbkj
Best Telugu Love kjbgkbkj
TheArtistI don't know...but I think there are a lot of April Fools running around in here somewhere +1
VladB! Laugh Laugh Laugh +3
TheArtistLalalalalala, lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... +1
Beldrion└(-.-)┘┌(-.-)┘┌(-.-)┐└(-.-)┐ +12