Miscellaneous// Random pictures that don't fit in any other gallery

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  1. Nah, admit it! You love that song! 😛
    (and you will love the band.
    Look at my name, and think again… 😐 :D)

  2. lol, sorry. I thought the comments could be added to individual pics.
    As usual, I was wrong.
    Please delete both of these comments. 😐
    (you can remove them, can’t you? I didn’t do anything that can’t be taken back, did I did I? *panics*)
    I’m sorry. (for spamming your every single box/chat/game ^^)

  3. Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Evil Kitten posted something on my site! 😀
    (Means: No, I wont delete those blessed comments!)

  4. You weren’t suppoused to put that/those pics here. You leave me no other option, but to…
    *goes to Paint a picture of Oli’s page getting Hühnchenized* Muahahahaa. *-*
    (don’t worry, I’m not really doing that ^^)

  5. The last 3 pictures are worth making a public exhibition. ^^ I bet, many murderers, psychos and… kittens would love buying a picture. 😐 ^^

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