Admin Management Xtended Plugin// Easing WordPress Administration

As a whole, the new WordPress Admin panel is organized fairly well, however when it comes to editing posts or pages quickly without having to open each post or page in a new tab or window, it isn't a very efficient process. For those who are using WordPress as a CMS, it's important to be able to manage contents easily and quickly. That's what this plugin helps to do.

It adds some icons to the posts/pages management panel with AJAX-driven CMS-known functions like toggling post/page visibility, changing publication date and title without having to open the edit screens or reload the page, plus changing page order with drag'n'drop, inline category management and inline tag management, plus much more.

The plugin requires WordPress 3.2+

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder admin-management-xtended/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Installation finished.

  1. Deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Upload the folder admin-management-xtended/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.


  • Ability to change post and page properties inline in the post or page management view
  • Toggle visibility with a single click
  • Quick Edit for Taxonomies (Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, ...)
  • Quick Edit for Custom Post Types (Title, Slug, Author, etc.)
  • Stick & unstick posts with a single click from within the posts listing panel
  • Change the publication date with a neat comfortable calendar
  • Change post/page title inline in posts/pages management view
  • Change post/page slug inline in posts/pages management view
  • Change page order inline in pages management view
  • Change order of (top level) pages via Drag'n'Drop
  • Change categories inline on post management page (inline category management)
  • Toggle comment status open/closed in posts/pages management view
  • Change tags inline on post management page (inline tag management)
  • Change media order inline in media management view
  • Change media description inline in media management view
  • Open post revisions inline in post/page management view
  • Change post/page author inline in post/page management view
  • Change link categories inline on link management page
  • Toggle link visibility with a single click
  • Time now can be chosen in the js popout calendar aswell
  • Change post order inline in post management view (Props Jeff Cole
  • Support for Exclude Pages plugin
  • Entirely possible to be localized, including the JS calendar
  • Two different button sets available

There's a little screencast available!

Notes on changing page order via Drag'n'Drop

Since Version 1.0 it is possible to change page order via drag'n'drop. Currently it's only possible to drag top level pages, that means only those pages with no parent pages. It is planned to make it possible for child pages, though.


615 Responses

  1. Hi Oliver,

    Great plug-in!!

    I was just wondering, though, if you could add the ability to inline-edit custom taxonomies too. I’m using the Custom Taxonomies plug-in ( and it would be great if your plug-in can integrate with other plug-ins as well.

    Thanks again for the plug-in!!

  2. Cool plugin, I thought. Might translate it to Swedish. Then I found a blog post in the screencast that suggests you are an anti-American shit-for-brains leftist nutcase. Fuck that, and fuck you.

  3. Fantastic plugin and great to be able to do so much without having to edit the post. I have noticed thought that future scheduled posts do not publish at the time and date set. I have to go in and toggle the page to ‘visible’ and it will post. It there a fix for this?

    • Actually setting a future date should set the post status to future post and publish it at the date and time set. I’ll have a closer look at it.

      • Yes I did that, but it didn’t publish at the specified time. The status changed to ‘missed schedule’ and didn’t post. It posted when I toggled the page to visible.

  4. Oliver,

    Thanks for a great plugin.

    This Christmas, I have decided to implement a “$5 Plugin Day” where I donate $5 to the author of every plugin used on my site. Of course, $5 does not represent the true value of your plugin to me, but the idea of my initiative is simply to spread a little financial reward to those, like you, who have contributed to the usefulness of WordPress to me. Multiplied by all your users, and $5 doesn’t seem so bad. 🙂

    Do you have a Donate link somewhere?

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Hey Ade,

      thanks a lot! 🙂 Take a look at the sidebar where you can find a donation widget. You’ll get a backlink. 🙂

  5. Hi Oliver. Thank you very much for this excellent plugin. I noted with suprise that the exclude-pages plugin was integrated with your plugin, and works very nicely.
    I have another suggestion. There’s a plugin called “Page Lists Plus” that allows you not only toggle page visiblity in menus (the same as exclude-pages) but it also allows you to have a different menu text for a page – you’re not limited to using the page title. It would be fabulous if this functionality was integrated into your plugin at some point, so that the quick-edit function had a field for the menu text, if the plugin was installed.

    Keep up the great work!
    Regards, Andrew.

  6. Hi Oliver !

    I just installed the plugin today and used the “Edit Page Slug” (Direct Input) function to update the permalink of some of my pages.
    To be more accurate I changed some underscores (_) into dashes (-).

    But when I tried to open the pages again from my homepage I had them all returning with 404 Page not found although the URL in the browser was the new correct one (!)
    I had a slight moment of panic before I found a solution by opening manually each page and clicking on the “Update” icon. Then all my pages came back again. Phew! 🙂

    As I love this plugin and find it very useful, I thought I let you know so that you could have a look.

    Thank you for your concern and keep up the good work !

    I’m using WP latest version v2.9.1 and plugin version 2.1.0.


    • Hey Ningbo,

      I just changed both post and page slugs for testing and I didn’t get any 404 errors. The slugs changed right after I’ve saved the changes. Are you using some kind of cache plugins on your blog?

  7. I love this plug-in. Just wanted you to know.
    I do wish that the media tags could be edited inline too. Maybe in a future release. Seriously…this is very cool plug-in.
    thank you…
    -Michelle >^.^<

    • Hey Michelle,

      WordPress doesn’t offer media tags by default. 🙂 I guess a plugin that you are using is providing media tag support. Would you please tell me the name of the plugin?

  8. Just installed your Admin Management Xtended version 2.1.0 I can’t get the pages to move on the site when I refresh. They move in wordpress but don’t seem to carry over to my site. any ideas? I have WordPress 2.9.1 and used artsteer for my template Seems like one of the best plug-ins for wordpress hope I can get it working thanks so much for your time.

  9. Just an idea Oliver.
    Why not add the function “Duplicate” with the usual function “Edit” “Quick Edit” “Trash” “View”?
    I am now using another plugin called duplicate pages/posts but that adds another plugin in the list. 🙁
    I guess that more and more users (like me) use WordPress as a CMS and with quite a few number of pages.
    In this case Admin Management Xtended Plugin is really useful and this duplicate function would make it even nicer.
    As I said “Just an idea” 🙂

  10. OK I understand Admin Management Xtended Plugin is an interface and a duplicate function is another code writing.
    So maybe it’s simpler to stay with 2 plugins.
    Anyway works OK with the “Duplicate Post” plugin of Enrico Battocchi.
    Thank you for all the work you do 🙂

  11. Works perfectly on WP 2.9.1

    One minor usability issue, I use the HeadSpace plugin for SEO, which puts two extra fields “Page Title” and “Description” in front of the buttons your plugin provides, which means there’s only about two words per line for those fields.

    However, the “Post Order” field has a fair amount of extra whitespace when it is enabled — turning that function off gives the HeadSpace plugin a reasonable enough area to display.

    Perhaps a future release could reduce the amount of excess space between the buttons and the Post Order field?

    Other than that, it’s great — does exactly what is written on the box!

    Thanks Oliver!

    • Hey Paul,

      may you please provide a screenshot of what the panel looks like with the Headspace plugin activated? Thanks!

  12. Thank you for your Admin Extended Plugin. As a WordPress freak, I nearly fell off my chair when I used it for the first time. You should probably sell it for a *Nominal* fee. $7.00 USD (about 5.00 Euro) would be the perfect price for this. Thanks again.

    • Hey Adam,

      nice that you like it, but I won’t turn my Open Source contributions into paid plugins or sth. Won’t happen. 😉

  13. Awesome plugin!!!

    Minor suggestion: clicking the post slug button multiple leads to multiple edit boxes being inserted in the DOM. This could be prevented with a simple check.

  14. Hallo Oliver,

    Dein Plugin funktioniert wunderbar bis… zu viele Benutzer im Blog registriert sind. Ich habe eine Leserliste von knapp 5000 und dann funktioniert Admin Management Extended nicht mehr. Hatte zuerst gedacht, es läge an anderen Plugins, bis ich auf die Idee kam, es mit einer anderen Installation zu vergleichen, die identisch ist bis auf die Anzahl der Nutzer. Und, oh Wunder. es klappte. Nun bin ich leider kein php Nerd, um eine eigene Lösung zu finden und frage daher Dich, ob Du eine Idee dazu hast? Das würde mich sehr freuen.

  15. Etwas genauere Zahlen noch: 6340 Benutzer. Ich habe schrittweise je 100 gelöscht. Ab unter 5900 ist die Funktionalität wieder da. Wenn die Zahl größer ist, wird die Seite offensichtlich nicht komplett geladen – der Footer fehlt und damit die Javascripte, die für die Funktionen auf der Seite notwendig sind.

  16. OK, manchmal muss man nur einen Kommentar schreiben, um selbst eine Lösung in Gang zu bringen. Nicht schön, aber selten: ich habe die Funktion wp_dropdown_users gehackt, dass sie nur die tatsächlichen Autoren ausgibt. Und siehe da: Problem gelöst. Jetzt kann Dein komfortables Plugin seine Qualitäten voll zur Geltung bringen. Herzlichen Dank dafür.

    • Hallo Henning,

      danke für deine Reports! Ich frage mich aber gerade, was mein Plugin mit der Nutzerliste zu tun hat. 🙂 Auf der Nutzerlistingseite greift mein Plugin gar nicht ein, insbesondere nicht in das wp_dropdown_users Feld.

      Kannst du genauer beschreiben, wo der Fehler auftrat bzw. einen Screenshot zur Verfügung stellen? Vielen Dank!

  17. Hi Oliver,

    super Plugin! Leider habe ich ein Problem mit der Übersetzung. Ich nutze die von bereitgestellte “WordPress 2.9.2 DE-Edition”. Leider hatte ich noch keine Zeit den Sachverhalt mit anderen Versionen von WordPress zu testen.

    Zum Problem: Installation und Nutzung des PlugIns sind problemlos möglich, jedoch werden alle Bildschirmtexte in Englisch angezeigt. Das ist mir schon öfter aufgefallen (immer “DE-Edition”), habe mich jedoch nie daran gestört – bis ich gesehen habe das Dein PlugIn Multi-Language fähig ist. Beschriebenes Problem tritt bei mir mit Mac OSX 10.5, Apache 2.2 (MacPorts), PHP 5.2.4 und Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Apache 2.2 , PHP 5.3.2 auf – sowie auf allen Installationen auf den Zielsystemen verschiedener Provider mit besagter “DE-Edition”.

    Nachdem ich mir die Sache mal im PHP-Debugger (Ubuntu) angesehen habe, ist mir aufgefallen das eine `if`-Abfrage in der mo.php der WordPress-Installation fehlschlägt/`false` liefert.

    mo.php, line 151:
    $translations_lenghts_length = $hash_addr – $translations_lenghts_addr;
    if ( $translations_lenghts_length != $total * 8 )…

    Dump der Header-Variable (wird mit `extract` in der Funktion extrahiert):
    $header Array [6]
    revision (int) 0
    total (int) 25
    originals_lenghts_addr (int) 28
    translations_lenghts_addr (int) 228
    hash_length (int) 0
    hash_addr (int) 0

    Da mir leider die Sachkenntnis von PO/MO-Files fehlt kann ich nicht sagen was schiefgeht. Aber `$translations_lenghts_length` sollte wohl Wert `200` haben. Vielleicht kannst Du mir ja in dieser Angelegenheit weiterhelfen?

    Danke und Gruß Olly

    • That doesn’t work unfortunately. You’d have to increase the number of displayed posts per page…

  18. hi

    useful plugin 🙂 thanks

    i have problem with RTL i look into plugin file but i can’t find the error

    i will send screen shots by e-mail , i hope you help me with it

    thanks in advance

  19. Hallo, klasse Plugin, dass ich für alle meine WordPressinstallationen benutze.
    Frage: Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, mehr als nur 15 Artikel auf einmal anzuzeigen?
    Ich könnte mir sehr gut ein kleines Input-Feld vorstellen, in dem man selbst einträgt, wieviele Artikel auf einmal angezeigt werden, bevor man blättern muss.
    Gute Arbeit

    • Hallo Jürgen,

      das gibt es schon von Hause aus. 🙂 Einfach oben rechts auf “Optionen einblenden” klicken, dort kannst du einen Wert eingeben.

  20. Hello man that’s a great work, I liked your job a lot but I also saw some incompatibility in my wordpress admin when running IE…

    Soething with ameAjaxL10n not defined…

    see you

  21. Does the latest change, version 2.1.5, fix the problem with categories being merged, when multiple posts are selected for bulk editing?

    • Hey Ed,

      what do you mean? Bulk editing isn’t a feature of this plugin, but WordPress itself.

        • What exactly happens to the categories when being merged? And by bulk editing, did you mean bulk editing of posts or categories?

          • Let’s say there are three posts, all in separate categories, and you’ve selected all three for bulk editing.
            You only change the ability to comment, or something else other than categories.
            When you’re done, they all now belong to all three categories.
            This happens with the previous version of AMX activated and I was wondering if it had been addressed in the latest release.

            • Hey Ed,

              hmm, just tried it, and you’re right! I have never noticed that behaviour before, though, but I’m gonna dig into this issue. Thanks for letting me know!

  22. Hi Oliver,
    I started using the “JH 404 Logger plugin” and I get this
    A lot. Just in a days period 108 times. I have couple of other missing links but
    Any ideas of what may be wrong?
    I am on wordpress 301/JH 404 1.1/AMX 215
    Thank you

  23. Hey,
    Really neat plugin you’ve made here. I’m using it on my girlfriend’s wordpress. I’ve got a question though; Is it possible to add something like “check all” or “uncheck all” in the popup windows where you choose categories?
    When we moved her blog from another blogtool, all posts was put in all categories, if you know what I mean? So it would be a great function I think 🙂

  24. Digitale Infoprodukte und neuheitenOctober 7, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    Ich bin begeistert über die Beiträge hier und freue mich schon auf den nächsten Artikel.

  25. Love your plugin but realized if there are custom post types and when clicking the category in the edit.php, originally it only shows the default post type now I modified the link, which supports custom post type. thanks. keep up the good work.

    function ame_custom_column_category_actions( $ame_column_name, $ame_id ) {
    global $wpdb, $locale;
    $wp_version = (!isset($wp_version)) ? get_bloginfo(‘version’) : $wp_version;
    if( $ame_column_name == ‘ame_cat_actions’ ) {
    $categories = get_the_category( $ame_id );
    $post_cats = “”;
    if ( !empty( $categories ) ) {
    $out = array();
    foreach ( $categories as $c ) {
    $out[] = “slug’> ” . wp_specialchars(sanitize_term_field(‘name’, $c->name, $c->term_id, ‘category’, ‘display’)) . ““;
    $ame_post_cats .= join( ‘, ‘, $out );
    } else {
    $ame_post_cats .= __(‘Uncategorized’);
    if( current_user_can( ‘edit_post’, $ame_id ) ) {

  26. Hi,

    I have activated admin management plugin.

    My requirement is to change the order in which posts are displayed in the categories from latest post first (default) to oldest post first.

    Even the post oder by direct input does not actually do anything.

    Please guide me in this regard.

  27. Using WP 3.0.4 + 2010 theme, the plugin breaks the Posts/Bulk-Edit function. For example, if two posts are selected and bulk edit is used to assign them to “Private”, the categories are also changed, without any user action.

    [Ich habe ganz wenig Deutch 🙁 ]

    • Hey Peter,

      I’ll have a look at it.

      ps. Don’t worry about your German, you don’t need it for support here. 😉

  28. Wunderbares Plugin was die Arbeit erleichtern kann – aber wohl nicht ganz durchgängig übersetzt ins deutsche…

    Trotzdem Danke


  29. Hallo, wenn ich auf Seiten gehe finde ich Page Revisions, über den neuen Schaltflächen des Plugins steht Edit Page Order, die Beschreibung wenn ich mit der Maus über die Schaltflächen sind wurden scheinbar nicht übersetzt, alle nicht, Über den Schaltflächen steht Actions, und weitere englische Worte sind üebr den Schaltknöüfen:
    off, Direct input, Drag and Drop

    Natürlich kann man sich darunter was vorstellen, nur ist überwiegend englischer Text vorhanden

    Sind Kleinigkeiten, aber ich war froh eine deutsche Übersetzung zu diesem tollen Teil zu haben.
    Auf den ersten Blick sieht es aus wie eine englische Version..

    Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende


    • Das ist seltsam, die Strings werden in der Tat englisch angezeigt. Sie sind aber übersetzt, aber offenbar werden die dt. Sprachdateien nicht geladen. Schaue ich mir mal an. Danke. 🙂

  30. I used this great plung-in but I just updated WordPress from 3.0.1 to 3.0.4 and there is a problem : plug-in just doesn’t show in plug-in list !
    I deleted it manually (in my FTP) and reinstall it from it (on the FTP again) but same act same result. Could you help me ? Thanks

    • Hey Phoceen,

      hmm, it does show up in all of my 3.0.4 WP installations. Do you happen to have any plugins installed that deal with the plugin page? Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to check if it does have problems with any other plugin?

  31. Hey Oliver,

    your plugin saved me an awesome amount of time editing multiple posts.

    We first had a page structure and had to redo everything.

    So thanks a lot! Once we generate some cash we will definitely suppport you!!!

    Keep it going

  32. Hallo,

    ich weiß nicht ob die Frage in der Vielzahl der Postings schon mal aufgetaucht ist, aber ich würde mir noch einen Anzeigen/Verstecken Button wünschen. Wäre das machbar?

      • Hehe, wollte doch grad drauf hinweisen, dass es das doch schon gibt. Ich wünschte, Probleme würden sich immer so wie hier von selbst lösen.

  33. I love this plugin. I only have one problem. The default time for the date scheduler is 12:00. If I change the time using the plugin, it does not retain itself. Meaning, if I set it for 6:00, it automatically changes to 12:00.

  34. So, jetzt hab ich aber ein wirkliches Problem 🙂

    Man konnte doch Auswählen wie man z.B. Seiten sortieren möchte.
    Ich habe jetzt das Auswahlmenü dazu nicht mehr oberhalb rechts stehen. Also kann ich Drag und Drop nicht mehr Auswählen.

    Gibt´s da eine Idee? Dankeeee

  35. In the plugin screencast some very good features are show like drag and drop, Show/hide invisible posts. However, when i install i do not get any of these features. I do get the buttons on the post list that allow me to publish/unpublish posts and change publish date. I also get a box to enter the post order number but no drag and drop.

    Please help!

    • You can switch between input and drag’n’drop on top of the page listing table.

  36. Hi Oliver!
    Great and useful plugin !!

    I have version 2.2
    I run into a problem with reorder post type ( post, pages, etc.) by direct input tool.
    I just wanted to let you know I fixed it by changing your code in the function “ame_custom_column_page_order” line 128 . I added $q_post_order->post_type on the input id and on js function “ame_ajax_order_save” parameters.
    Can you confirm this problem and fix?


    • Hey Dikla,

      can you please send your changed files in a ZIP to scripts (at) schloebe (dot) de ? I’ll have a look at it. Thanks!
      (spam protection used)

      • Hey Dikla,

        sorry for the late reply, but I just pushed version 2.2.1 to the repository with the fixes. Thank you! 🙂

  37. Hi Oliver,

    I’ve installed this plug-in with no problems, but I don’t see any admin menu whatsoever. I’m using WP 3.2.1. Any suggestions?


    • The plugin doesn’t have an admin menu. It shows up on the posts/page listing panel and many others.

  38. Great handy Plugin! I also like it to support with some power features like – direct seo parameter editing on page/post admin listing page via ajax. That will make life much easier…

    Thanks Oliver for the great plugin!

    • rinku, I’ve thought about it too, but there are dozens of SEO plugins out there and I can’t possibly support all of them.

      • But you can do it for the most popular one – AIO seo. I have seen Admin Management Xtended getting all the seo parameter nicely one the all page/post admin listing page. Only need to implement the direct ajax editing feature on that page. This feature will be a nice addition.

        Just a suggestion –

  39. Hi Oliver.
    Great plugin.

    I can download the latest version (2.2.2) from your site but version 2.2.1 is available at Is there a reason for that?


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