Reveal IDs Plugin// Freedom for the IDs!

With WordPress 2.5 being released, the IDs on all admin pages have been removed as it is. Propably due to the fact that the common user dont need them. However, for advanced WordPress Users/ developers those IDs were quite interesting for some plugins or template tags.

What this plugin does is to reveal most removed entry IDs on admin pages, showing the entry IDs, as it was in versions prior to 2.5

The plugin requires WordPress 3.0+

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Installation finished.

  1. Deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Upload the folder reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.


  • Reveals hidden IDs that have been removed in WP 2.5


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  1. Hallo!

    Thanks for this smart little plugin. It is incompatible with Gengo plugin though.. That’s because the call to load_plugin_texdomain is wrong. I made a fix following the instructions from Gengo’s forum (
    The call has to be wrapped in a function, like this:

    function myinit() {
    if ( function_exists('load_plugin_textdomain') ) {
    * Load all the l18n data from languages path
    if ( !defined('WP_PLUGIN_DIR') ) {
    load_plugin_textdomain('reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25', str_replace( ABSPATH, '', dirname(__FILE__) ));
    } else {
    load_plugin_textdomain('reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25', false, dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)));
    add_action('init', 'myinit');

  2. Good plug-in BUT
    Please don’t modify the ini like here

    if( version_compare($wp_version, ‘2.5’, ‘>=’) ) {
    /*****/set_include_path( dirname(__FILE__) . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() );
    * This file holds all the author plugins functions
    require_once(dirname (__FILE__) . ‘/’ . ‘’);
    It introduce big pg in server and another plug-in like post-notification or wp-ecommerce. By using absolute path, all is possible..

    After more than three hours of research..


  3. Thanks for the plugin, having the IDs visible again is a big help. But I did find one problem. I can’t see any IDs on my Links page. I have it enabled on the options but it is not showing up on the page.

    • Hey Tom,
      that’s a known issue. I’ll address it later today. For now I’m going to sleep (it’s 4am here)… 🙂

      ps. Interesting blog you got there, btw.

      • Thanks for the quick fix on the plugin. Everything looks like it is working fine, and it is incredibly useful.

        And thanks for looking at my blog. I don’t know how interesting my blog is, not too many people have found it yet, but it is fun. That is enough for now.

  4. I just noticed that Category IDs aren’t showing up, everything else is. I am using ver. Version: 1.0.6 Have you had issues with this?

  5. that must be it Oliver! I have been trying th 2.7 bleeding edge beta. I will jump back down to 2.7
    Thanks! David

  6. thank you for creating this plugin. I’m an advanced wordpress developer and I was extremely annoyed that I couldn’t see my page IDs. I think any experienced wordpress developer would want to see page IDs, it’s quite annoying that this was removed from wordpress. Thank you for creating this great tool!

  7. Thank you so much for this plugin.

    Any chance it could be extended to reveal comment IDs as well?

    Thanks again

  8. This a wonderful plug-in. Just what I needed. A small problem though. If you are using the Role Manager 2.2.3 plug-in by Thomas Schneider there is a conflict. It appears that for Role Manager “a valid capability name can only have letters, digits and spaces.” I get an error message every time I try to update the profile on someone who has administrator capabilities. I have to downgrade a persons role to make the change and then reset them to administrator. Unfortunately I disabled the Reveal IDs function for one of them and now I can’t set it back. Do you know of any work around?

    • Hey Meshe,

      have you tried setting the checkbox “Spaces allowed in Capabilities” in “Users > Role-/Capability Management General” already?

  9. Hi Oliver – great plug-in – thanks for your work.I’ve just installed it on a fresh install of WP2.8 and found that although I am logged in as admin, the “What’s the user role minimum allowed to see the IDs?” options are greyed out and the ID’s are not revealed – ie its not recognising me as admin. I’m still investigating, but wondered if you had any ideas on this? I’ve tried uninstalling and uploading to the plugins directory rather than searching and installing from within WP, but same result.

  10. Hi i’ve installed the plugin and it shows the category ID’s fine but I need to find the user ID’s, it says it will show at the end of the username but I can’t see it. Help please!

    • Hey marc,

      try to re-save the settings please. That’s an issue I’m having in 2.8 as well, but havn’t had time yet to dig any deeper.

  11. Sie schreiben: “Folgende IDs lassen sich einschalten: Artikel, Seiten, Kategorien, Links, Mediathek, Benutzer, Kommentare”

    Meine Frage: Ist das möglich IDs für Schlagwörts auch zeigen? Wenn “Ja”, wie kann ich es einschalten?

    • Sorry I just read in the plugin settings “(This will add a new column to the media management displaying the IDs)”

      However, there are no IDs in the media management area showing up. The IDs do show up in other areas like users and next to posts.

      • Did you enable media IDs on the plugin’s options page? Did you set the proper role to see media IDs?

        • Yes and Yes.. I am admin and tried it as admin, and then down ranked it to author, either way it did not show. Where should it be appearing?

          • Well, the IDs should appear here: /wp-admin/upload.php in a dedicated column holding the IDs. May you please provide a screenshot of the /wp-admin/upload.php page?

  12. ahh ok. I did not know they appeared there. I was thinking they would appear in the actual “Show” information of each media item when you are in gallery mode, after uploading a photo. This is where I needed it, so I guess this will not work for that. Thanks for your time.

  13. Hi Oliver, first thanks for this plugin because I could not imagine life without it.

    Second, it seems that there is a conflict with the Tubepress 1.8.9 plugin and Reveal IDs. I say this because every time I activate Tubepress, and go the the Edit Posts page, I get a blank screen. This problem is resolved by deactivating either plugin. Unfortunately, even though I strongly desire Tubepress, I cannot do without your plugin.

    I’m on WP 2.9.2 (although the issues was also on 2.9.1) and Reveal Ids 1.1.5. I also have Role Manager Installed with the “Spaces Allowed in Capabilities: checked.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hey Sal,

      thanks for your feedback so far! 🙂

      I just recognized that version 1.9.0 is available for TubePress and didn’t experience any issues with Reveal Ids 1.1.5.

  14. Turkey Boutique Hotel GuideMay 1, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    aber mit diesem Plugin kann ja nix mehr schiefgehen.Danke für den guten Artikel zum wp admin plugin

  15. Super awesome!

    I always thought it was a huge mistake in WP NOT to show these automatically. Hovering over a link and reading it in the browser bar sucks; not just for devs but for clients too.

    Thanks for making this. Maybe it will be integrated into the next build of WP?

    Here’s Hoping ;c)

    • Guess they won’t integrate it anytime soon since Matt (I guess) clearly stated that he doesn’t like the ID being shown to everyone…

  16. Ein wirklich schönes Plugin. Hat mir schon sehr oft geholfen. Jedoch hab ich ein Problem, welches mir vorher so nicht wirklich aufgefallen ist. Im Dashboard bleibt die Optionsseite auf Englisch, obwohl es eine Deutsche Übersetzung gibt.

    Woran kann das liegen??

    Ich nutze derzeit WP v3.0.4 und Reval IDs v1.1.9

  17. Ich benutze WordPress 3.1 (mit deutscher Sprachdatei) mit der Plugin-Version 1.2.1. Überall sind die ID’s sichtbar, nur bei den Kategorien nicht.

    Ich verwende Reveal ID’s auch auf einem 3.0er-Blog, da geht noch alles.

    Einstellungen und Benutzerrollen sind korrekt, Permalinks updaten o.ä, half auch nicht.

    Irgendeine Idee woran das liegt? Schaue jetzt mal in die Templates rein…

  18. Hallo,

    die Kategorie ID erfährst Du doch über die Permalinks. Also kurz umstellen und schauen. Ebenso handhabe ich das, wie gerade aktuell, auch bei Seiten. Um eine aus dem Menü auszuschließen, einfach kurz umschalten, dann sieht man das.

    Ansonsten war und ist das Plugin absolut tauglich, ohne Widerworte.


  19. Hello, Oliver. Thanks for your plugin, but is it possible to reveal IDs (or maybe slugs) for categories when trying to Add New Post or when Editing Widgets?

    The specific of my site is so, that I have categories with same titles, but with different slugs and IDs. It is very hard to assign them to posts or widgets.

    Thanks in advance and good luck in your work.

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