Simple Yearly Archive Plugin// Making Archiving Easy & Elegant

Simple Yearly Archive is a rather neat and simple WordPress plugin that allows you to display your archives in a year-based list. It works mostly like the usual WP archive, but displays all published posts seperated by their year of publication. That said, it’s also possible to restrict the output to certain categories, and much more.

The plugin in action
The plugin requires WordPress 3.7+

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the folder simple-yearly-archive/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  4. Installation finished.

  1. Deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Upload the folder simple-yearly-archive/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and overwrite the existing file.
  3. Activate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel.

Implementation / Usage

Since WordPress 2.5 the function can be called with a shortcode:

Some examples follow - each is a proper invocation of the plugin:

Call the simpleYearlyArchive function like so:

Some examples follow - each is a proper invocation of the plugin:

Parameter options are like following:

  • type (defaults to 'yearly'):
    - yearly: Displays a year-based list (Default). Can be empty aswell.
    - yearly_act: Only posts from the current year are displayed.
    - yearly_past: Only posts from the past years are displayed.
    - "date of year": Only posts from the given year are displayed.
    "<unixtime-from>-<unixtime-to>": Only posts from the given (unix)time period are displayed.
  • ExcludeCategoryIDs:
    - A comma-separated list of category IDs you want to exclude.
  • IncludeCategoryIDs:
    - A comma-separated list of category IDs you want to include.
  • PostType (defaults to 'post'):
    - A registered post type to show.
  • DateFormat:
    - The date format string, according to

In order to run your blog proper and clean code, it's highly recommended to check if a plugin exists before calling it. If the plugin is not activated, it will "break" the theme and it may report errors or fail to load. It is therefore imperative to prevent the plugin from being detected in case it is turned off:

Options menu

There are a couple of options in the Simple Yearly Archive options menu.

  • Date format:
    The date output be customized. Check for date formatting.
  • Seperator between date and post title:
    The seperator is displayed between the date and the post title.
  • Linked years?:
    Wanna have the years linked?
  • Before / After (Year headline):
    HTML tags, that will be inserted before and after the date headlines.
  • Show post count for each year?:
    Show the total post count behind for each year?
  • Show comments count for each post?:
    Show comments count behind each post?
  • Show categories after each post?:
    Show categories behind each post? The output can be styled with the CSS class sya_categories.
  • Show optional Excerpt (if available)?:
    Show the optional excerpt below each post title, if available?
  • Max. chars of Excerpt (0 for default):
    How much chars of the excerpt to show? Enter 0 to show the entire excerpt.
  • Indentation of Excerpt (in px):
    How much pixels the excerpt should be indented.
  • Link back to my website in plugin footer?:
    Consider linking back to my homepage in the plugin's footer.


779 Responses

  1. Same question as before:
    How do I get to display the archive as in your demo.
    2017 (67)
    2016 (19)
    2015 (12)

    Please help me with this!

  2. Expat Gone ForeignJune 2, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Oliver,

    Thanks for this plugin! I have a quick question:

    My page now displays the archives like this:

    and so on.

    When I quick on a specific year, for instance 2018, X number of posts are displayed under 2018.

    My question is if there’s any way to display every posts under every year without having to click on each year. I’d like visitors to click on the page where I have the archive and already be able to see each posts under each year without having to click on them.

    Is that possible?


  3. So is there a way to make it so that it will limit the list to a user defined period based on the current time? Like only posts from the past week or month? Or perhaps limit the total number of posts, like only displaying the last 200 posts? Thanks.

    • As for limiting the list by time period please take a look at the “Implementation / Usage” section on this page, specifically the “type” parameter.

      As for limiting the output to e.g. 200 posts just add the following code to the end of your theme’s functions.php file:

      add_filter( 'sya_get_posts', function() {
          return array(
              'numberposts' => 200
      • Thank you so much! That last bit to limit by number of posts worked like a charm! Thank you so much for such a wonderful plugin!

  4. Hi Oliver

    (I thought I asked this a couple of weeks ago, but cannot find the post now. Maybe I posted somewhere else or made another mistake. Hope I didn’t offend you in some way and it got deleted. Anyway, I’ll try again)

    Because the digits in the font I use have different widths, I cannot find a way of getting the first character of my titles to line up perfect vertically in the archive list. Can you suggest a way of achieving this with the current release? If not, would you kindly consider some feature to allow this in a future release?

    Many thanks


  5. Ritchie Pettauer | datenschmutz.netJuly 20, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Hi Oliver,

    great plugin – I’ve been looking to implement a yearly archive for quite a while. CSS is clearly structured, the options are great.

    I only miss one feature: I’m using some custom image sizes which are registered with the WordPress media library. Would it be possible to use one of these image sizes instead of the five standard ones? (I don’t want the features images to get cropped).


    • Hi Ritchie, actually your custom image sizes should appear in the plugin’s thumbnail drowndown for your to select. Doesn’t it for you?

  6. Hi Oliver

    Is there a way i can make the yearly achieve list to show on another page if the list is too long?


    then we have a NEXT BUTTOM to go to another page.

    • Hi Elisha, you can use the “type” parameter, e.g.

      [SimpleYearlyArchive type="yearly_act"]

      to display only posts from the current year

      [SimpleYearlyArchive type="yearly_past"]

      to display only posts from the past years

      [SimpleYearlyArchive type="2017"]

      to display only posts from 2017

  7. Hello,
    i am strugling to display only one category. I am using

    [SimpleYearlyArchive type="yearly" exclude="x"]

    where i replace x by the category name. But it doesn’t work. The category is not excluded.
    Can you hepl me with this?


  8. Hello Oliver,

    Thanks for the plugin, very great!

    There’s only one thing that I am not getting fixed. I use collapsible years, but I can’t find a good way to hide the bullets at every result of the output.

    Do you have a solution for me on how to hide these bullets at every list result?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Tim, adding the following to your theme’s style.css should do the trick:

      .sya_container > ul {
        list-style: none;
        margin-left: 0;
  9. Hi. I´d like to show in yearly archive only posts with one certain category (let´say the category ID is “15”). Which shortcode I have to use?

    • Hi Tarmo,

      [SimpleYearlyArchive include="x"]

      where x is the category ID you’d like to show posts from.

  10. I installed Simple Yearly Archive earlier this year using the [SimpleYearlyArchive] shortcode.

    All I want is each year to display in the list, with the year being hotlinked to a list of posts for that year. And that’s how it displayed when I originally installed the plugin.

    But now, below the year, it’s displaying the title of each post along with the year. i.e., in a list format.

    I have changed nothing since the initial install. Everything looked fine at the time (only the hotlinked years displayed in the list).

    I’m running WP 4.9.8 in Astrid theme.

    The current plugin settings are:

    Date Format: Y
    Before / After (Year headline):
    Collapsible years?: Checked

    All other checkboxes are empty.

    Please let me know what I need to do to go back to my original display (years only).


    • Hi Roh,

      > But now, below the year, it’s displaying the title of each post along with the year. i.e., in a list format.

      actually that’s what the plugin always was supposed to do. Just change “Date Format: Y” to “Date Format: m/d” to get rid of the year in front of the post title.

      The “Collapsible years” option should just show the years. May you please post a link to your archive page?

      Thank you!

  11. Hi Oliver,
    I can’t seem to get it to show the excerpts. I activated the checkbox and entered 0 as well as 500 characters to be displayed. My front end shows the following html elements:


    I’m assuming the excerpt should be inside of cite but as you can see, nothing ends up being put there. The post does have content.
    What might be going on?

  12. Is there a way to take our archive of membership newsletters (in pdf format) and trick it to be a dated “post” so that I can use this tool?

    • Hi Louise, in case these membership newsletters are a custom post type you could just use the shortcode

      [SimpleYearlyArchive posttype=""]
  13. A last question until I have my archive exactly as I want it. I have a bullet showing between each post line, not in front of it. How do I rid myself of that?

  14. Hi Oliver!

    I’m looking for the same solution as David above (count by years: 2017 (67), 2016 (19), 2015 (12), etc)

  15. Hi There.

    is it possible only to show the years as a link? If i uncheck every option except only linked years – i have exactly what i want PLUS Date and title. I have to avoid Date and title in this case.

    would be glad to have an answer.

  16. Hi! I am a completely newbie. I found your plugin and I am still learning how to use it. I successfully managed to create an Archive to show all my posts chronologically, which is what I wanted. Now I want to change the color of the post titles (from my theme’s ugly red to my favourite blue). Searching online I get a lot of suggestions to add code to the Additional CCs, but none of them are working for me. I wonder whether this is something that is related to the plugin? Is there any way the plugin might be interfering? Or can I use it to change the colors?

    Whatever the answer, I am having a blast discovering a completely new world for me^^

    • Hi Guillermo, adding the following additional CSS should do the trick:

      .sya_container .sya_postcontent a {
        color: blue;

      Just change “blue” to whatever color you want.

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